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Artist Statement-Deb Lawrence

My work is far from precious.

It’s a happy day when a bundle of linen, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, arrives on my doorstep, each sheet unique in its patina and floppy hand, yet so familiar, like I’ve known her my whole life.

Worn, frayed, pieced and creased, my work is like a security blanket, unabashedly celebrating the unconditional beauty of our blemishes.

I reinvent discarded shards of well-loved textiles, instilling them with a contemporary soul. Linen and cotton, handwoven by unknown women long ago, are layered with paint chips, torn paper, and leftover cutouts from the studio floor, then brushed with acrylic paint and marble dust.

Like a well worn, well loved security blanket my work deals with our internal struggle to feel comfortable in our own skin and external struggle to be known and valued by the world at large.

Drawing, painting and collage intermingle to lend a decidedly authentic hand.

Whether stretched, hanging suspended from a clothesline, or undulating in deep profile frames, my layered textile paintings engage in fresh, soulful ways.